With Arcline by RACV, your home energy use is 100% carbon offset.

Making it easy to choose carbon offset energy

At Arcline by RACV, we offset 100% of our customers’ energy usage with carbon credits. This means all the energy you use while you’re with us will be offset with government-certified carbon credits (CERs), recognised under Australia's National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Why do we offset?

We know many Australians want to support renewable energy. But unless you generate it yourself, for example from solar panels on your roof, there’s no way to ensure the electricity you’re using comes from 100% renewable sources.

This is because energy from the electricity grid is generated from a mix of sources – some renewable, like solar and wind power, and some fossil fuels, like coal and gas. As it’s transported around the country, this is all mixed in together, so there’s no way to separate the electricity that has come from renewable sources from that which came from fossil fuels.

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What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits, or certified emissions reduction units (CERs), are credits produced when an emissions-saving activity is undertaken, such as renewable energy generation or planting trees.

These credits can then be bought by organisations to offset the emissions their activities release, for example by energy providers to offset the electricity used by their customers.

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How do we offset your electricity usage?


Arcline by RACV purchases and surrenders CERs on our customers' behalf to reflect the volume of electricity they use while they're with us.


By surrendering these carbon credits, we ensure they're logged as having been "used" and won't be re-used again.


The amount of CERs we purchase is equal to the total amount of energy we expect our customers to use over the next year.


If our customers use more energy than expected, we simply purchase additional CERs to meet our customers' needs.

The first step on the road to cleaner energy

As long as Australia’s energy grid is made up of both fossil fuels and renewable energy, everyday Australians are limited in their ability to minimise the environmental impact of their energy use.

Ultimately most Australians support an energy grid made up of predominantly, if not 100%, renewable energy. In the meantime, carbon offsetting enables customers to cancel out some of the impact of their energy usage. It’s not a perfect solution, but, for most, it’s a necessary step on the road to cleaner energy.

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Solar: The key to going renewable at home

The best solution for households right now is solar. Generating solar power at home is one of the only ways to use 100% renewable energy and reduce the amount of electricity you need to buy from the grid.

With solar panels, batteries, and even electric vehicle chargers, you can power your home, and your transport, using cleaner energy.

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Go solar with RACV

RACV Solar is one of the largest installers in Victoria. Chat to their friendly team to find out more about going solar and get a hassle-free quote.

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