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Market & Product Terms

The retailer and provider of Energy to customers of Arcline by RACV is Energy Locals Pty Ltd ACN 606 408 879

Market Retail Terms (valid 11 October 2023)

Market Retail Terms (expired 10 October 2023)

$100 Sign-up Bonus Offer - ended 31 March 2023

Arcline by RACV $100 Sign-up Bonus Offer Terms and Conditions

$300 RACV Member Exclusive Offer - Gift Card - ended 7 March 2023

Arcline by RACV $300 RACV Member Exclusive Offer Terms and Conditions

Refer a Friend Campaign Terms

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RACV Standing Offer (VIC)

The retailer and provider of Energy to customers of Arcline by RACV is Energy Locals Pty Ltd ACN 606 408 879. If you would like to be under Energy Locals Standing Offers (VDO) you can find the details on Energy Local's website here.

Victorian Energy Compare website

To access the independent Victorian Government Energy price comparison site, simply find a recent Energy bill or smart meter data file and visit https://compare.energy.vic.gov.au

Energy Fact Sheets

You can find our energy fact sheets here.


You can find all fees that may apply here.

Hardship & Family Violence Policy

Arcline by RACV's customers are entitled to ongoing support with our Hardship and Family Violence policies.


Protecting your privacy is important to RACV. Our Privacy Collection Notice explains how we collect, handle and safeguard your personal information when you purchase an Arcline by RACV Energy plan.

Further information about how we manage your personal information is available in the Energy Locals Privacy Policy.

The RACV Privacy Charter also explains how RACV generally collects and handles your personal information.

Direct Debit

Direct debit is the preferred mode of payment for your Arcline by RACV Energy Plan. Set up or update your direct debit information in the My Account portal or visit our Direct Debit Terms and Conditions page.


Some Arcline by RACV customers are entitled for Energy Concessions and Rebates if they are a Concession Card holder or meet certain Concession eligibility criteria.

For a list of Concessions available in Victoria, visit our Concessions page or read our full Concessions Terms & Conditions.

RACV Employee Plus Introductory Offer

Employee Plus Introductory Offer Terms & Conditions

Home Energy RACV Member Offer

Member Offer Terms & Conditions