Our simple approach to fees

We deliver a simple, affordable approach to energy fees.

Whether you use a little or a lot of energy, our local team is dedicated to helping you manage your bills and keeping your energy costs low.

Here is how to avoid certain additional fees:

TypeCostHow to avoid

Paper bills

$2 inc GST per bill

Avoid this by receiving bills by email

Direct debit payment dishonour fee

$10 - not subject to GST.

Avoid this by checking there are sufficient funds in your account when a direct debit is due

Credit and Debit Card payment fee

Credit: 0.81% inc GST.

Debit: 0.46% inc GST.

Avoid this by paying direct debit

The above fees apply on our normal offers (called 'market contract offer'). Please note that some fees are not applicable to standing offers.

Smart meter installation

You will require a smart meter installation to get you connected with us.

This is a one-off fee valued at $149.

That's the cost in the first year. After that, the cost of that meter will be added to our total metering costs and spread evenly throughout our tariffs.

Explore our FAQ’s section to learn more about smart meter costs and installation.

Fees your local distributor may charge

Your local distributor is responsible for the poles, wires and meter(s) connected to your premises.

We’ve broken down the fees charged for the most commonly requested services in the tables below.

Please note that in specific instances (for example including services requested outside of normal business hours, where site attendance is required and/or urgent requests) other fees and charges may apply. If we need to arrange on your behalf for your distributor to perform a particular service, we may pass through the fee they charge to you.

By understanding which distribution area you’re in, you will know what fees to expect when requesting an additional service. Your electricity bill will show who your distributor is.

Click here to see the energy distribution regions in Victoria.

Still have questions?

For further questions regarding our fees, billing, and distribution areas please get in touch with one of our local team members by emailing us at support@energy.arcline.com.au or call our local support team and we'll help you over the phone.

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