Applying for a concession

Arcline by RACV - Energy Concession Terms & Conditions

These terms apply to customers that enter Concession details when signing up or after joining Arcline by RACV – Energy, a trading name of licenced energy retailer Energy Locals Pty Ltd, ABN 23606408879.

By applying for a concession through Arcline by RACV - Energy you:

- acknowledge that you understand all terms and conditions set out in the application process;

- agree that you are the person named in the application form as the applicant and you are the primary account holder for the supply address against your Arcline by RACV – Energy account;

- agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement upon acceptance of the application being notified to you by Arcline by RACV – Energy, and;

- warrant that all details as completed by you in the application form are true and correct.

Arcline by RACV – Energy is under no obligation to apply concession to your energy account until you have been verified as holding an eligible concession card with the state concession scheme.

You provide your consent for:

- Arcline by RACV – Energy to use Centrelink confirmation eServices portal to perform a Centrelink/DVA enquiry of my Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs customer details and concession card status to enable the business to determine if you qualify for an electricity concession or rebate.

- The Australian Government Department of Human Services to provide the results of that enquiry to Arcline by RACV - Energy.

You understand that:

- The Department of Human Services will disclose personal information you have provided to Arcline by RACV – Energy to confirm your eligibility for relevant electricity concession or rebate and will disclose to Arcline by RACV – Energy personal information including my name/address and concession card type and status.

- This consent, once provided, remains valid whilst you are a customer of Arcline by RACV – Energy unless you withdraw it by contacting Arcline by RACV – Energy or the Department of Human Services.

- You can get proof of your circumstances/details from Department of Human Services and provide it to Arcline by RACV – Energy so your eligibility for relevant electricity concession or rebate can be determined.

If you withdraw your consent or do not alternatively provide proof of your circumstances/details, you may not be eligible for the electricity concession or rebate(s) provided by Arcline by RACV - Energy.