Finding your NMI

What is an NMI?

Your NMI (National Meter Identifier) is the reference of your address in the energy market. It's different to your meter number and stays linked to your property, even if your meter is replaced.

Your property has a National Meter Identifier. If you can tell us this number when you're signing up, it will help us match your address.

Where do I find it?

Your NMI is located at the top of your Arcline by RACV bill at the top of the second page.

If you're not with Arcline by RACV just yet, you should be able to find your NMI in a similar place.

Why does the NMI matter?

When we switch the billing for your property from your current retailer to Arcline by RACV, we need to get a perfect match in the industry operator's systems - knowing your NMI helps us to do that.

Some retailers may potentially bill customers for the wrong NMI. This means they've attached the wrong meter data to someone else's bill and in some cases they've switched the wrong customer. That's why we use a combination of data sources to get the match right: your NMI, address, meter configuration and your account information.

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